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Sold 2 million units and counting!


Conception / Audio Engineer

BeatBo - Colors
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BeatBowWow - BowWow (Easter Egg)
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BeatBelle - Stomp Clap
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Learning Dance Mat - BeatBo Says
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Build-a-Beat Stacker - Disco Night
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3-in-1 Play Pods - Fly Above
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Before BeatBo, Fisher-Price didn't have a large presence in the music industry.  I've helped them to generate new revenue streams and discover new promotional outlets by streaming and selling the music I wrote for BeatBo through all major music retailers.


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Grabar dreamed up a soundtrack patterned after DJ dance music, featuring the interactive “BeatBo Boogie” and a hip reboot of the alphabet song.

He created a modern sense of music that strays away from the traditional nursery rhyme genre to fit the hip little character that is BeatBo.

Fisher-Price is introducing a range of new items to the collection, along with the launch of a brand new campaign to get kids ‘boogying’