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Master Collection:

This unlocks all the sound libraries I have available for one discounted price.  Only $40!

Library includes all of the following:

Analog Synthesized UI & SFX (Normally $20)

550 purely analog synthesized sounds covering all aspects of UI / UX plus more. You'll find click, button, send, receive, confirm, achievement, alert, collection, notification, open menu, close menu, connect, disconnect, engage, lock on, whoosh, power on, power off, and swipe to just name a handful but so much more! Great for projects requiring true analog warmth and soul.


Hand-to-Hand Combat – Body Hits & Vocal Excursions (Normally $12)

A street fighter style sound pack featuring foley sounds for punching, kicking, slapping, body slamming as well as male vocal excursions for giving punches, taking punches, getting choked, powering up, victory and dying.


Musical Oddities – Bells, Whistles, Horns, Percussion and More… (Normally $15)

This library contains all the oddities of musical and non-musical instruments, toys and noisemakers.

You will find a wide variety of bells, whistles, cymbals, horns, blocks, drums, toys, shakers, crankers, etc. Can be utilized in a multitude of ways. For example, fill out a musical arrangement, for cartoon effects, goofy UI, etc!


PWC – Jet Ski – Sea Doo (Normally $20)

High-resolution Sea Doo recordings were done from varies perspectives (driver perspective & exhaust perspective).  Jet ski performing at different techniques ofr use in all types of integration, including drag and drop samples, audio to picture, as well as video game implementation by use of Wwise of Fmod (utilizing the on – slow rev to full speed – slow decelerate – off), easily building an interactive PWC engine sound.


Little Fighter Guy – Vocalizations (Normally $5)

69 human vocalizations processed to be smaller than human.  This library would be a great fit for an indie game in need of a character sound to enhance movements, actions and/or fighting.


Gliss Bliss (Normally $5)

Perfect for blissful moments in game audio or in tv/film! 100 glissandi with a wide variety of different instruments performing a wide variety of different gliss, slides, swoops and flourishes. Great for magical moments, chest opens, surprise elements, transitions, and much more.